Bianca Sjoerdstra

General Manager

I feel honoured to be organising such an inspiring purchasing event with the team and my goal is to take UTPC 2017 to an even higher level!

Teun Troostheide

General Manager

I am excited to build on the successes of the previous editions of the UTPC, because together we can create an amazing experience for ambitious students and companies during the UTPC 2017!

Anna Pellegrino

Head of Online Marketing

The UTPC is an important event that will give the participants and even myself a great opportunity to create a network and develop personal skills.

Tobias Fretzen

Head of Offline Marketing

Organising the ‘UTPC 2017’ is a great honour for me and will be a challenging, but exciting, journey until the final day. Having the chance to be actively involved into this project will teach me more about the world of marketing and will help me to have first contacts with companies.

Jacqueline Beck

Head of Organization

Being able to organize the UTPC with an excellent team is a unique opportunity to develop and challenge myself. Not only the personal growth and teamwork, but also the networking possibilities the UTPC brings, make me excited when I think about the upcoming year.

Roy Florijn

Head of Administration

I’m excited to be part of the international team organizing the UTPC 2017, since I believe there is a highly challenging task ahead of us. By organizing the UTPC, I hope to improve my organization and management skills, next to expanding my network through close contact with participants, corporates and sponsors. Hopefully, our hours of hard work will make the UTPC 2017 an even bigger success than previous editions. I’m looking forward to welcoming you all next year at the UTPC.

Merle Tucholka

Head of Media Partners

I view the UTCP as a great chance for motivated students to enlarge their professional network and gather experience with the field of purchasing. I am grateful to be a part of this event!

Annika Fehling

Head of Finance

I assess the UTPC as a great opportunity of creating a network and developing myself in a professional environment together with a highly motivated team and I am glad to be part of this experience.

Elisa Vincent

Head of Acquisition

After visiting the UTPC 2016 and my growing interest for the field of purchasing, I didn’t hesitate to apply for a position in the organization team for 2017 as soon as the applications were open. By being part of the UTPC I hope to broaden my network, deepen my professional skills and have a great time organizing UTPC 2017 with a splendid team!

Evelien Boerkamp

Strategic Advisor

The UTPC 2016 has been a great success! I really enjoyed working with such a great team and I am very proud of what we have achieved. The UTPC has offered me the opportunity to get into contact with renowned companies. Being part of this team has been a great experience and I am looking forward to see what the UTPC 2017 version will look like!

Karolina Vaschenko

Strategic Advisor

Great things can be achieved if you work as team! This has been our motto ever since we started as a board last year. And during that time I learned to cherish every one of my team members, value every opinion I got for certain decisions and enjoy seeing everyone becoming more and more self-confident about their task.

Ivan Vrdoljak

Strategic Advisor

It was both, a challenge and an honour to take over the UTPC last year with a new team of excellent students. What I learned at UTPC? The right leadership and communication is key. A great team beats an individual! Through this process I was also able to grow and gain more self-confidence.

Carolina-marjolijn (Carlijn) Klaus

Strategic Advisor

After being part of two years of the UTPC, it is time to pass the baton on to others, give them the chance! What will stay with me the most? How wonderful it is seeing all the puzzle pieces falling together on the day of the conference itself. To accommodate all the visitors, make the day as good as possible for them by working together as a team. Oh, and the high of attaining a new sponsor!


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The Netherlands

Authorized representatives:

Jan Sebastian Steffen (Chairman)

Elisa Vincent (Secretary)

Torben Taros (Treasurer)