The UTPC is partnering with research project PERFECT!

December 14, 2016 · News

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest collaboration partner for the UTPC 2017: the PERFECT research project! The Purchasing Education and Research for European Competence Transfer (PERFECT) project is an international project team of TU Dortmund, HS Mainz, Lappeenranta UT, Staffordshire University and the University of Twente. A delegation of academics from these universities will be present at the UTPC 2017!


The aim of the project is to design a higher education, pan-European Purchasing curriculum. Until now, there is no harmonised curriculum in this field. PERFECT analysed the needs of employers, and found that they require as much hard skills as soft skills. Hard skills are captured in explicit book knowledge that is taught in higher education. Soft skills – or tacit knowledge – however, are harder to articulate although they are indispensable for a purchaser. ‘Decisiveness’, for example, is such a skill that needs a mixture of explicit and tacit knowledge. The members of the PERFECT project are challenged to find a solution to define the unarticulated, tacit knowledge: not only what soft skills should be taught to purchaser in higher education, but also how these should be taught.


On the UTPC 2017, the preliminary results of the PERFECT project will be presented in a plenary session by dr. Stephen Kelly of Staffordshire University. The PERFECT team will also organise a workshop for practitioners. Next to that, you can find PERFECT with a stand during the career & networking fair.

This collaboration will take place under the theme “Risk management & skills development in Purchasing”.

Universiteit Twente

Postbus 217

7500 AE Enschede

t.a.v.: UTPC Stichting, Ravelijn

The Netherlands

Authorized representatives:

Jan Sebastian Steffen (Chairman)

Elisa Vincent (Secretary)

Torben Taros (Treasurer)